The chic bride

Tying the knot is synonymous of the greatest day in which the eternal dream of love takes flight. The protagonist is absolutely and undoubtedly the bride: first of all she must be herself, she must be beautiful, elegant, refined, a very chic bride!

The wellness center of beauty and haircut Bellezza & benessere is located in the wonderful city of Taormina. We have served brides of all colours, from smiling and seraphic brides to careful and attentive ones. No matter how you are, our first goal, is that of value yourself, in your birthday suit! The first step is listening; we listen gladly your point of view, your idea of beauty and elegance. Then, we suggest you a selection of suitable haircut for you, for the design and colours of your wedding dress. It does not matter how long, short, straight, curly, blond, brown your hair is, it will be perfect for the ceremony!

Make up

We are in favour of natural brilliance which tends to value your features and to hide possible imperfections. Your face is unique and the tonal colours and the shades will embellish your traits, they will make your face radiant, ready to welcome the photographer’s flash and the interested looks of all your guests.

The haircut

For a chic bride, according to the stardand of fashion the hair must be up with soft chignon partly high or low, on the nape or on the neck. The face must be totally uncovered. Red colorations banned, given that they could compromise the photographic service, except for the natural red. The hair should be embellished by small and refined accessories such as pearl strass or silk flowers.


They are a symbol of elegance and refinement; the beauty treatment combined with a choice of excellent products, will make them smooth, soft, impeccably manicured ready to “wear” the wedding ring.

The wedding dress

The perfect bridal gown’s colour is the ethereal white. During the winter we suggest a satin tissue, while during the spring–summer it would be suitable, organza, silk, tulle, chiffon, mikado and materials of next generation, provided that they are rigid or floating, no to the middle ground.

The train

It is a fundamental accesory, symbol of class and elegance. During the ceremony, the dress’back will be exhibited to the guest’s looks; the cut’s position becomes fundamental.

The Veil

Its symbolic value is linked to the tradition of the pre-matrimonial chastity; leaving the house, the impeccable bride has covered face and, once she got to the altar her father will uncover the veil. As soon as the ceremony is finished, she will unveil her face and she will show it in all its beauty.

The bouquet

In the wedding’s choreography it is a detail which cannot be overlooked. It is not recommended matching the bride’s bouquet to the floral decoration of the church or of the location for the reception. We suggest only one type of flower such as lily of the valley, rose or orange blossom.

The precious stone

The jewel’s frame must be gentle and sober; in certain circumstances a more accurate and elegant frame will make the perfect bride shine. Pearls and diamonds are advisable for such an important day, earings and choker go the extra mile of refinement on the low-necked dresses.

The gloves

They lend prestige to the dress. It is advisable to take them off as soon as you get to the altar. Depending on the season, the tissue will be made of lace, tulle, satin, kid.


They must not detached from the dress’ colour. For white dresses, milky-white, ivoey and cream stights are good. Discard excessive covering stocking, the leg must not appear rigid. Even the stocking which is too thin is not appropriate, it would underline the contrast between the natural colour of the legs and the dress’ shade.

The shoes

It goes without saying that they must be coordinate with the bridal gown. Court with high heels but not vertiginous are recommended in cloth or kid.